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Puppy Deposit agreement


effective March  1, 2019 deposits will be $500.00. They are not refundable!  Color and sex are not guaranteed. It is your choice to pick or wait in order of deposits received or at my descretion. Until the puppy leaves my home it is the property of Moon Creek Boxers. If at any time I deem you unfit or concerns arise or you lied to about breeding intentions etc I will pull your puppy.

We want life long stable living homes. 


I,  am submitting a $500.00, Non-refundable holding deposit for a boxer puppy, made payable to ANGIE MCADOO.

I am reserving a puppy from the  below stated litter, or the next available litter (this may be with a different sire or dam). 

The puppy will not be reserved until the holding deposit is actually received by the seller in the full amount of $500.00 using paypal,Venmo, credit, debit, cashapp, or discussed arrangement 



This deposit is Non-refundable, but can be transferred to the next available litters if the puppy of your choice is not available in this litter.

The holding deposit will reserve a puppy until it is 8 weeks of age.  If the buyer completes the purchase of this puppy, the holding deposit will be credited towards the purchase price.


The remaining balance of will be due before the puppy is released unless agreed to a payment plan. The release date for puppy will be 8 weeks of age.  Puppy can be picked up at 8 weeks of age.  If your puppy needs to stay past the 8 week mark a board fee of $8 a day will be charged.  

American/Euro pups are $1500 (limited with no breeding rights)

Full European $ 1800 (limited with no breeding rights)

In some cases puppies are $2000, $2200, $2500. Please note if you are picking a listed puppy with a price the cost is listed under the puppy. 

 **Please be sure when placing a deposit that you are prepared and committed to wait for your perfect puppy. After all, it is in the hands of Mother Nature rather than me. All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable.*  

Please BY NOTE  BY SENDING THIS FORM YOU ARE acknowledging that you have read and have agreed to this non-refundable  deposit agreement  

Deposit can be made by cash (in person), or credit card through Paypal or facebook payment system.  If using Paypal, please contact me for a paypal invoice.  

Disclaimer: Angie McAdoo reserves the right to hold back any puppy for breeding/show rights.

**If there is an issue with the dam/sire or litter; death of puppies, etc. The deposit will go to our next available breeding. If you choose to not accept a puppy in the next breeding with the sire/dam that is available, you can move to the next available breeding. If you decide to not go with any of our future breedings, you will forfeit your deposit. Unfortunately there are circumstances that are out of our control.**


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Boxer puppy deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$500. Deposit will put you in line for next available litter in pick order. No refunds non refundable